The feedback management of the faculty 09 is an independent and central service point, which supports you confidentially, if you want to express criticism, praise, questions or ideas. It can be used by both students and employees of the university.


You submit your message via our online feedback form.

Your feedback will be received, anonymized and processed by a central contact person.

If necessary, the feedback will be passed on to the responsible persons, detached from the personal data. If desired, we will gladly establish contact between the parties and try to work out solutions together.

Personal data will not be passed on without your express consent. Your data will only be used to respond to your feedback and for possible queries on our part.


Your feedback is very important to us, as it will contribute to the further development and improvement of the structures of the faculty 09. We would like to enable active participation, for example, to improve processes in studying and teaching and to ensure the satisfaction of both students and employees.

Contact person:

Katja Thömmes
Tel.: +49 6131 39-28969